vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

De tas is klaar!! I finnished the bag!!

Het Tasje is klaar. Hij is ongeveer 25 x 25 cm, met een hengsel van ongeveer 80 cm.
The bag has been finnished. It is about 25 x 25 cm. The handle is about 80 cm.

BijsDe achterkant is gestreept.
Stripes at the backside.

Er past een flink boek in...
A normal book will fit into it.

Gelukkig had ik een passende stofknoop.
I was lucky to have a fitting button.

De voering en de rits heb ik grotendeels met de naaimachine gemaakt.
The lining and the zipper are mainly machine sewn 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ich habe mir gerade deine Blogs angesehen. Leider kann ich kein Niederländisch. Du machst ganz tolle Sachen. Eine echte Künstlerin.
    Die Farben deiner Tasche gefallen mir sehr gut. Erinnert mich an Urlaub am Meer.

    1. danke. Ich bemühe mich sehr um die richtige Farben. Meistens ohne weiss und gelb.

  2. Oh In like this bag (blue is one of my favourite colours). Have fun using it.
    I've fixed the typo on my blog, thanks for letting me know.

    this is my second try at leaving a comment, the word verification makes it very hard. I recommend you take it off as the blogger is very good at recognising spam now and doesn't publish it.
    Hope this works this time!

    1. Yes it worked. Fun that you visited my blog and that we communicate while being on opposed sites of the world!! So it workes to dig deep in my garden, I WILL reach you! I looked at your place on google earth, though I could not find the Otaki tie-factory in Google earth.