woensdag 18 december 2013

Dodecagoon Dodecagon

Voor december, de twaalfde maand, heb ik een dodecagoon gemaakt. Wikipedia beschrijft m mooi en legt zelfs uit hoe je m kunt construeren. De twaalfhoek die we allemaal kennen is de klok. Die heb ik dan ook met kralen gemaakt, met de wijzers op vijf vóór twaalf.
December is the twelfth month, so I made a dodecagon. Wikipedia explains it and even gives the way to construct one. The twelve angle we all know is the clock. I beaded one with the hands on five minutes to twelve.
De broches van alle maanden op een rij.
The brooches of all the past month in a row.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Bravo, you've done it, Lies, BJP 2013 finished, and in great style!!! Clever girl, to get information from Wikipedea. Who would have thought of the obvious - the clock? (Well, not me, in any case.) This is a great piece to finish the year.
    Yes, five to twelve - something to think about. In my October 2008 piece, I included a watch showing that same time. Anyway, have a nice celebration of the old and the new year at twelve o'clock on 31st December!

  2. Zeer prachtig - the clock is a brilliant idea. Well done for finishing 2013!

  3. Lovely to see all twelve pieces together. Such a clever idea to do a clock.